International conference on physics in medicine and clinical neuroelectorphysiology on 19-20 February, 2015

February 17, 2015 - In Announcement

International conference on physics in medicine and clinical neuroelectorphysiology is going to be held on 19-20 February, 2015 at Nawab Ali Senate Building, University of Dhaka. Bangladesh Medical Physics Association is proudly hosting the conference along with Department of Biomedical Physics and Technology,DU and Bangladesh Clinical Neuro Electrophysiologist Society (BCNEPS).

Physics in Medicine ideally means the application of Physics in all branches of healthcare – diagnosis, therapy and rehabilitation, and has been the driving force behind the stunning achievements and practices of modern healthcare. Delivering the benefits of modern healthcare technology to the Low Resource Countries (LRC) poses challenges necessitating innovations, and this area will have a special focus.

Neuroelectrophysiology is a specialized area of Physics in Medicine with increasing clinical importance through EEG, EMG, different evoked potentials, Nerve Conduction measurements,
polysomnography and more advanced techniques. Therefore, Clinical Neuroelectrophysiology has a special place in this conference.

The conference is timed to allow participants to have an experience of lifetime, the International Mother Language day on February 21, which has its origin at Dhaka on the same day in 1952.

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